Central Christian Church in Huntington, Indiana is the home of Opus 67, a two-manual twenty-three stop instrument. The church is a contemporary building with an angular ceiling including a V-shaped notch to accommodate the organ. The instrument’s asymmetrical appearance, a departure from previous work, allows the entire visual design to flow into the architecture of the church.

Opus 67 follows Charles Fisk’s Alsatian ideal, but demonstrates his growing interest in the work of Gottfried Silbermann. The winding system, including the effective Tremblant doux, is based upon Silbermann instruments. The overall tonal design of organ is eclectic to fulfill its many roles in leading congregational singing, choral accompaniment, and interpreting organ repertoire. Joan Lippincott dedicated the organ in October 1976. Three “prepared-for” stops, the Great Doublet 2' and the Swell Geigen 8' and Hautbois 8', were installed in 1986.