Over fifty years ago Charles Brenton Fisk founded our company. By turns curious, wise, funny, and demanding, Charlie revived traditional organ building, most notably a return to mechanical (or "tracker") key action. His rich and eclectic musical sensibility left an indelible mark on American organ building and on those of us who proudly continue Charlie's legacy of innovation and thoughtful craftsmanship.

We believe that an organ is a means by which a musician brings music to life. Our instruments are most successful when they function acoustically and aesthetically as one with the buildings they live in. We build a precise scale model of each building to ensure that the organ complements the architecture that surrounds it, and take equal care in composing a stop list that meets the musical needs of each client. The final step is the painstaking voicing of the instrument, adjusting each pipe to the acoustics of the room.

The task is complex, but the collaboration is exciting and rewarding. Our job includes education and community building, and we join those communities with whom we work as visiting artisans. We are pleased to count as friends the many enthusiastic supporters who turn out to help unload a truck, lift a beam, or just drop by with a question and a few words of encouragement.

It is our foremost goal to put our craftsmanship and expertise in the service of the very best musical experiences for audiences, congregations and organists around the world. We look forward to sharing this ideal with you in the creation of a new organ.

We hope you find this website useful and informative. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


Steven Dieck, Chairman of the Board