Opus 109The Process is our way of looking at the steps involved in building an organ that is just right for your building, your needs and your vision. It can seem a daunting project, but like any important work, it is easier if broken down into specific tasks, one leading on to the next. What follows is an outline of the steps in a typical project, just click on the heading of each section to find an expanded explanation or use the menu on the right to navigate through the various steps. Further details are always available by contacting us.

Request for Information: How to get started - Things to consider in the early stages.

Request for Proposal: Questions we ask of you to understand your vision - Consultation visits.

Proposal and Contract: We propose a stoplist, a preliminary visual design, delivery dates, cost, and payment schedule - After discussion and consensus both parties agree to a specific organ, for a specific cost, delivered at a specific time.

Design: A model is made of client's venue - Customer participation by visits or photos - Visual design and mechanical design of the organ - Preparation of the building to receive the organ.

Shop Construction: The full shop turns its attention to the project - Client visits welcome.

Open Shop: A celebration when the organ is ready to leave the shop - customer participation welcomed and encouraged.

Delivery: We make a community-building event of the unloading of the trucks.

Installation and Voicing: The organ is assembled on site - Organbuilders as artisans-in residence - Each pipe is painstakingly adjusted to the acoustics of the individual room.

Dedication: Gala concerts and ceremonies in celebration of the new instrument.

Warranty and Maintenance: Regular visits - Inclusion in the Fisk Family of instruments - Newsletters and website are opportunities to list concerts and recordings.